About Us

Hi, my name is Steve and I’m the founder of Stock Research Pro. I work with a strong team of investors and developers intent on providing our website visitors with the best tools, software, and information to understand the stock research and investing process.

We started Stock Research Pro as an information website with the hope of taking the often complex topics of stock research and analysis and boiling them down to simple and understandable concepts. With a background in both investing and software, though, I felt we could provide more.

Software and Calculators

So we developed our flagship software product, Stock Research Pro, to offer a simplified and guided process for collecting relevant stock investing data from all over the web in a streamlined and logical way. We then incorporated powerful calculators into both the software and website material in an effort to simplify the mathematics of stock investing. Our most recent software release, the Stock Research Pro Valuation software (which we’ve decided to bundle into the Stock Research Pro software), is a product of these efforts.

Virtual Stock Trading

As great as all of these tools are, we wanted to give our visitors a platform to try out the use of these tools and the trading strategies they develop along the way without any cost or risk to the investor. The Stock Research Pro Virtual Trading platform allows this by offering our visitors an opportunity to build and manage as many stock portfolios as they like to see how they do before making any real investments.

Video Tutorials

Our latest endeavor is to provide powerful and informative video tutorials to our visitors, some of which are available on the website, others (tackling more complex topics) are made available to our licensed software users.

White Papers

We’ve also developed some free white papers for our visitors, the latest of which is An Introduction to Fundamental Analysis for Stock Investing. We provide a sign-up box on the right-side of each page of the site to get you the paper and the accompanying video tutorial series.


To reiterate, we’re not stock investing professionals. We’re a group of people who thoroughly enjoy stock market investing, software and web development and the marriage of the two. Please read our formal disclaimer for more information.

We Welcome Your Input

We hope you like the website and visit it often. We’re continuing our development efforts in all of the above areas and welcome any ideas you might have. Please feel free to email me directly at steve(at sign)stockresearchpro.com.


Lead Developer
Stock Research Pro

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