Asset Value

Net Current Asset Value per Share Calculator

A net current asset value per share (NCAVPS) calculator provides investors with a tool to examine the financial health and valuation assessment of a company. The NCAVPS approach focuses on company liquidity in making its viability assessment and is often used by value investors as one data point in performing due diligence on a stock. [...]

A Simple Ten-Year Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow or “DCF” is a process for measuring the value of a stock (or another type of investment) by adding the discounted present values of future cash flows. Free cash flow (FCF) projections are most commonly used in DCF analysis since it represents the money available to the company to pursue investment [...]

What is the PEG Ratio and How is it Calculated?

The PEG or “Price/Earnings to Growth” ratio is a measure used to value a stock based on the trade-off between the P/E ratio of the stock and the company’s forecasted growth. Made popular by Peter Lynch in his book “One Up on Wall Street”, the PEG ratio is closely tracked by many investors to [...]

Calculate Terminal Value for Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Terminal Value refers to the present value of a security at some future point in time. To calculate terminal value, the investor takes the principal amount and applies an interest rate and length of time for the investment. The terminal value is a useful component in other financial valuations, including discounted cash flow [...]

A Present Value Interest Factor Calculator

A Present Value Interest Factor (PVIF) is a factor that is used to calculate the present value of a future value or payment. Often presented in the form of a table, PVIFs help to simplify the calculation through the application of period and interest rate combinations.
Present value calculations are commonly used in business and [...]

Calculate and Interpret Tobin’s Q Ratio

Tobin’s Q ratio or the “Q ratio” works on the theory that the total market value of companies on the stock market should equal replacement costs of those company’s assets. For some investors, Tobin’s Q ratio offers a fundamental standard of value to assess the current level of the stock market. Devised by [...]

Calculate and Interpret Free Cash Flow per Share

Free cash flow per share is a measure of the financial strength and flexibility of a company that is calculated by dividing the company’s free cash flow by the number of shares it has outstanding. Free cash flow per share is a useful metric for investors to track as it helps to understand the [...]

Calculate and Interpret the Price/Cash Flow Ratio

The price/cash flow (P/CF) ratio is used to compare the market value of a company to its cash flow. Like the Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio, P/CF provides investors with a sense of relative value. While the P/E ratio is probably the most commonly used measure of valuation, many analysts prefer the P/CF ratio since [...]

John Burr Williams Stock Valuation Calculator

John Burr Williams (1900 – 1989) was one of the first economists to advocate the need to arrive at a stock’s “intrinsic” value when considering it for investment. Williams believed that, due to the inherent volatility of the stock market, investors should consider the ability of the company to pay dividends over the long-term. [...]

Calculate and Interpret the Price-to-Book Ratio

The price-to-book ratio (P/B), also known as the “price-equity ratio”, is used to compare the book value of a company to its current market value. The measure can help gauge the relative value of a stock. A stock that is trading at a low price-to-book may be seen as undervalued, especially when its [...]

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