Stock Market Tutorial Guides

Stock Research Pro offers stock market tutorial guides to help new stock investors understand the processes for conducting both fundamental and technical analysis to research stocks for investment. Both the Guide to Fundamental Analysis and the Guide to Technical Analysis are available at no charge to our SRP Newsletter subscribers and each takes you [...]

Free Guide to Technical Analysis for Stock Trading

The Stock Research Pro Guide to Technical Analysis for Stock Trading is the latest of our free white papers to help investors through the stock research and investment process. The technical analysis paper follows the Guide to Fundamental Analysis to provide a contrast between the two stock trading styles and should help investors understand [...]

How Stock Trading Software Programs Work

A stock trading software program can help investors take the guesswork and emotion out of their stock trading strategy and more easily find those specific stocks that meet their defined stock investment criteria. Automated analysis and the use of software trading programs are intended to provide investors with the edge they need in making [...]

Beginners’ Guide to Investing

Stock Research Pro offers a beginners’ guide to investing for anyone who is interested in learning the fundamental concepts of stock market investing through fundamental analysis.

Stock Market Tutorial Program: Videos, Software, and Guide

Stock Research Pro offers a series of video stock market tutorials to help familiarize new stock market investors to the stock research and valuation process. The video tutorials are offered in combination with an introductory white paper and two stock market software packages to help guide the user through the end-to-end process of filtering [...]

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Software to Calculate Stock Value

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is a method of valuation that attempts to assess the attractiveness of an investment opportunity (e.g. a stock) by summing the future value of cash flows and discounting that sum to a present value. When evaluating investment in a stock, the company’s free cash flow projections are used for this [...]

Moving Average Software for Stock Investing

Moving average software can assist investors as they work through the stock research process. A popular tool among many stock investors, moving averages are easy to understand and use as they smooth out a price data series and provide visual clues regarding price trends. While moving averages are seen as a tool used primarily [...]

Practice Stock Trading with a Free Account offers a platform for both new and experienced investors to practice stock trading through a practice environment. The Stock Research Pro platform enables users to choose from thousands of stocks to buy and sell using virtual money to determine how well various investing strategies will work in the real world of stock investing. [...]

Fundamental Analysis Software for Stock Research

Stock Research Pro offers fundamental analysis software to guide both new and experienced investors through the process of identifying stock investment candidates and researching all aspects of company fundamentals to confirm financial strength and arrive at an intrinsic value of the stock. The software then calculates the current margin of safety to determine whether [...]

Learn How to Pick and Research Stocks

Stock Research Pro is pleased to announce the availability of a free stock investing guide and video tutorial series designed to introduce new stock investors to the stock research and analysis process. The stock investing guide, which focuses on the basics of technical analysis, is complemented by a series of videos that guide the [...]

The Stock Research Pro Guide
to Fundamental Analysis
  • Target companies to invest in
  • Use financial statements to pick winners
  • Identify a strong management team
  • Run financial ratios to confirm strength
  • Find undervalued stocks
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