Small Cap Stock Research

Detailed and thorough small cap stock research can help investors find stocks that offer great potential for capital appreciation through growth. Small cap stocks are usually those of newer companies that typically will not offer dividends; instead re-investing profits into the company for expansion and growth. These stocks can be subject to tremendous [...]

What is a Capital Growth Strategy?

A capital growth strategy is an aggressive investment approach in which the investor seeks maximum capital appreciation. This asset management strategy is a long-term approach that employs a risky, equities-based strategy aimed at high profits. While the percentage of equities within a capital growth strategy can vary, it is usually at least 65% [...]

Find Growth Stocks Through Fundamental Analysis

Growth investing is one of the primary investing approaches investors may choose in finding worth stocks for their portfolio. Finding growth stocks is about seeking out those companies that show promise for high growth when compared to other stocks within their industry or the market as a whole. Growth investors are typically making [...]

Investing in Aggressive Growth Stocks and Mutual Funds

New investors need to take the time to learn the basics of investing. Of equal importance for the new investor, though, is to determine their investment objectives and tolerance for risk. While different types of investments, like stocks, bonds, and cash can be incorporated into most any portfolio, the mix of these asset [...]

Screening for Promising Growth Stocks

A growth stock investor looks to buy shares in a company whose earnings are expected to grow at a rate greater than the overall market. A growth stock typically will not pay a dividend as these funds are reinvested in the company to fuel its expansion. Growth companies are often found in technology industries [...]

The Importance of Revenue Growth in Stock Investing

A company’s expected revenue growth is one of the most important factors investors use in determining the potential future stock price of that company. The value of common stocks is, of course, closely tied to the earnings power of the company, so an understanding of the company’s growth potential for both the near and long-term [...]

Growth Investing and Small-Cap Stocks

Small-Cap stocks (stocks with small market capitalization) are generally defined as companies with a market capitalization of between $300 million and $2 billion (although the small-cap classification can vary among brokerage houses). While these securities trade with higher risk profiles than larger-caps, they can offer greater upside potential and may be appealing to investors [...]

A Growth Investing Strategy

Growth investing is a major school of investment theory that focuses on investing in companies that have demonstrated a track record of high or emerging growth.
Growth investing is about finding stocks that have stronger sales and earnings growth than the underlying market. It is based on qualitative judgments about companies with [...]

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