Calculate and Interpret the Altman Z-Score

The Z-score, also known as the Zeta Model or Altman Z-score is a financial formula used for predicting the possibility of bankruptcy for a company. Developed in 1968 by Edward Altman, the formula seeks to express the chances that a public company will go bankrupt within two years. The output number the model [...]

Understand and Calculate Cash Flow per Share

Cash flow per share provides a measure of a firm’s financial strength and is frequently used by analysts in valuing a firm’s stock. Many of these financial experts believe that the amount of net cash a firm produces is a more important measure of its value than its reported earnings per share (EPS). [...]

Benjamin Graham Stock Valuation
Using Net a Current Asset Value Calculator

Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Value Per Share calculation offers investors a very conservative view of liquidity and the financial health of a company. Many value investors look closely at current assets when performing due diligence on a company. For Benjamin Graham, net current asset value provided a way to leverage current assets [...]

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