How to Calculate a Stock Market Profit

In order to calculate a profit made in the stock market, you need to look at all of the relevant factors around the purchase, sale, and income (if any) associated with the transaction. Stock market investing has historically proven to provide a greater profit opportunity than most other types of investments, but it is [...]

Three Basic Financial Concepts for Investors

The basic financial concepts that investors need to get a handle on in order to be successful are not very complex. For starters, successful financial planning starts with spending less than you earn, minimizing or eliminating debt, building an emergency savings fund, and understanding and planning for future financial needs. With these basic [...]

What the Par Value of a Stock Means

The par value of a stock, also referred to as the ‘face value’ is the value that is printed on the face of a stock certificate to represent the minimum value at which the company can issue each share of common stock. The par value is set at the time the business is incorporated [...]

NYSE Market Hours

NYSE market hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm eastern time. The New York Stock Exchange is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and in 2011 will be closed for the following holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 17), Washington’s Birthday (February 21), Good Friday (April 22), Memorial Day (May 30), Independence [...]

The Dow Jones Stock List

The Dow Jones stock list includes 30 or the largest, publicly-traded companies in the United States. The editors of the Wall Street Journal decide which companies should be included as each company on the list is considered to be a leader in its industry. All of the companies on the list are large-cap [...]

The NASDAQ Acronym, Explained

NASDAQ is an acronym that stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers and Automated Quotations. The NASDAQ was created in 1968 and is now the largest electronic stock market in the world, executing hundreds of millions of stock transactions every trading day. The NASDAQ has established itself as the exchange that lists [...]

Historic Stock Market Returns

Investors who are weighing their options may wonder about historic stock market returns so that they can compare those results against other investment opportunities. As you probably know, when you purchase a share of stock you are buying part ownership in a company as each share held signifies a claim on that company’s earnings [...]

Stock Investing Advice

The best stock investing advice you will get are tips and strategies that help you to break down stock investing into a manageable process that involves understanding your own financial goals, timeframes, risk tolerance and the experiences you can draw from as you make your investment decisions. In this article, we try to help [...]

Calculate the Future Value of a Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A Certificate of Deposit or “CD” is a type of savings certificate in which the holder deposits some amount of money (usually a minimum of $100) for a specified period of time. CDs are offered by most banks, credit unions, and thrifts and typically require a deposit timeframe of several months to several years. [...]

How Primary and Secondary Offerings Work

A primary offering refers to the initial sale of a company’s stock usually through an underwriter or an investment bank. The revenue from the primary offering goes to the company and is used to fuel growth and expansion. In exchange for the revenue, the company must give up part of its ownership to the [...]

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