The Basics of Stock Market Futures Trading

Stock market futures, like all futures contracts, are financial products that are used to trade against the future price of the underlying asset. Traditionally, futures contracts have been used to trade on commodities like oil and grains but in recent years, the use of futures contracts with financial instruments like stocks and bonds serving [...]

The Best Money Market Interest Rates

Finding the best money market interest rates is important to any investor who is trying to put together a complete strategy for investing and money management. Money market investing is about leveraging short-term financial instruments that offer a high-level of liquidity and minimal risk. Typically, money market investments can be purchased or sold [...]

Penny Stock Investment Basics

A penny stock investment is the purchase of a stock that is trading at under $5 per share (this is the definition the Securities Exchange Commission offers). Another definition says that any stock that trades on the pink sheets or over-the-counter (OTC) would be considered a penny stock. While many investors look exclusively [...]

Investing in Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend paying stocks can be a good investment choice for investors who are looking for income from their stock investments. As you may know, dividends are payments that companies make to their shareholders out of the profits the company has earned. Many investors believe that when a company pays a dividend it gives [...]

Strategies for using a Stock Market Screener

Many investors use a stock market screener as a starting point in their stock research efforts as a way to filter for stocks that meet a specific set of criteria they have identified in the stocks they believe will make good investment candidates. Many of the available stock market screeners can be used to [...]

Find Dividend Stock Picks by Estimating Dividend Growth Rate

A good way to find dividend stock picks is by looking at specific aspects of a dividend-paying stock in order to estimate the dividend growth rate of that stock into the future. For investors who are interested in more stable stock investment choices and those investors looking for income streams, dividend-paying stocks can be [...]

Using Stock Picking Software

Stock picking software can be a good idea for stock investors who want to leverage proven and automated approaches to stock picking and investing. The right stock picking software will scan the thousands of stocks available for investment and return a list of choices that meet specific criteria. The key for investors is [...]

Short-Term Stock Pick Strategies

Short-term stock picks are often viewed as a more risky investment than buying and holding stocks for the long-term. In fact, over the long-term, the average well-diversified portfolio should see about ten percent returns. That said, short-term stock investment opportunities do present themselves to savvy investors who know what to look for and [...]

OTC Stock Trading

OTC stock trading (over-the-counter) refers to buying and selling stocks outside of the formal exchange environments (e.g. NYSE, AMEX). OTC stocks are usually issued by smaller companies that are not able to meet the listing requirements of the exchanges and are instead traded through the coordination of market makers and brokers. Although Nasdaq works [...]

Money Market Investing

Money market investing refers to investing in financial instruments that offer short-term maturities, high liquidity and relatively low risk. For the most part, money market investments can be bought or sold any time and can serve as temporary holding accounts for cash. Money market investing instruments include such things as certificates of deposit [...]

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