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Stock Research Pro Introduction

The Stock Research Pro Software provides both new and experienced investors with a streamlined, all-encompassing environment for researching and evaluating stocks for potential investment. The software also offers portfolio and calendar managers.

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Using Stock Screeners

Stock screeners can be powerful tools for investors to identify those stocks that meet their own strict investment criteria. The Stock Research Pro software provides links to the best screeners available along with a number of pre-set screens that represent some of the most commonly-used screening strategies.

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Understanding Stock Quote Information

Stock quote data often includes more than just the price and price change information. The volume, bid and ask, P/E ratio and more can provide important information for an investor to understand and consider.

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Stock Chart Basics

Learn the basics of what a stock chart can tell you and understand the differences between the three primary kinds of charts.

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Moving Averages Overview

This video helps to provide a basic understanding of what moving averages are and the valuable information they can provide to an investor.

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What the PEG Ratio Can Tell You

The Price/ Earnings to Growth ratio is a valuation measure that can help determine whether a stock might present a good investment opportunity given company growth expectations.

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Calculate Intrinsic Value Using the Benjamin Graham Formula

Benjamin Graham, the “father of value investing” developed a formula for arriving at the intrinsic value of a stock given its projected growth rate. An investment decision can then be made based on that value and the margin of safety it presents.

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Using a Discounted Cash Flow Calculator for Stock Valuation

This video demonstrates the use of the Stock Research Pro Stock Valuation Software for analyzing financial statement data to arrive at an intrinsic value.

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Calculating the Net Current Asset Value Per Share

This tutorial video demonstrates the use of the NCAVPS measure, which offers investors a very conservative view of liquidity and the financial health of a company.

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Calculating Intrinsic Value Using the Dividend Discount Model

This tutorial video demonstrates the use of the dividend discount financial model and determining the intrinsic value of a company that pays dividends which are assumed to grow at a constant rate.

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