Some Basic Forex Trading Tips

Good forex trading tips can benefit both new and experienced foreign exchange market (“forex”) investors by providing new ways to manage trades and implement profitable long-term trading strategies. Greed and a failure to properly manage risk are often cited as two of the most common reasons that forex traders lose money. The tips [...]

Currency Pairs and the Foreign Exchange Market

A currency pair is a foreign exchange market quotation of the relative value of one currency unit against a unit of another currency. In the foreign exchange market, currency trades are made in pairs as one currency is bought and another is sold. The value of each currency is relative as it is [...]

An Expectancy Calculator to Monitor Forex Trading Strategies

A forex trading system is a strategy implemented to help determine the timing and price levels at which to open and close forex trades. Most trading systems leverage signals that are generated by fundamental or technical analysis. The trader evaluates and acts on these signals to decide whether they should buy or sell [...]

Factors that Determine Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates do not necessarily represent reflections of the health or productivity of a nation. Instead, exchange rates are determined by supply and demand forces generated by businesses, governments, financial institutions, central banks, and individuals participating in the foreign exchange market. Below, is the list of the factors that have the most [...]

How Does the Foreign Exchange Market Work?

The foreign exchange market is a global network of dealers and financial institutions that connects buyers and sellers of currencies. Participants in the foreign exchange market include governments, corporations, banks and other financial institutions, and individuals. These participants leverage the network to communicate their currency needs and initiate and settle transactions. While [...]

An Introduction to the Forex Market

The foreign exchange or “forex” market is where the various currencies of the world are traded. A forex transaction is the result of one party purchasing some quantity of one currency in exchange for a quantity of another currency. The forex market evolved in the 1970s when countries began to switch from fixed [...]

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