Free Guide: Learn the Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Stock Research Pro is pleased to announce the release of our latest white paper, “An Introduction to Fundamental Analysis for Stock Investing”. We developed this paper to serve as an introduction to our visitors to the process of conducting fundamental analysis as a means of stock investing. This 22-page guide provides structure to [...]

Free Stock Email Alerts from Stock Research Pro

Stock Research Pro is pleased to announce the availability of stock email alerts so that our website users can track stock price changes by choosing the specific stocks they want to track and the high and low price limits they are looking for. We are offering this service at not charge and providing it [...]

Stock Research Pro Announces Virtual Stock Trading Platform

Stock Research Pro is pleased to announce the availability of our virtual stock trading platform to provide both new and experienced stock market investors with the opportunity to practice stock market trading using virtual money. The use of the Stock Research Pro virtual trading environment is offered as a free service to our website [...]

Benjamin Graham: Intrinsic Value Calculator

In his book The Intelligent Investor (published in 1949), Benjamin Graham introduced investors to a rule-of-thumb formula for valuing stocks. The formula seeks to establish a stock’s value based on earnings and growth expectations while incorporating currently available bond yields as an investment alternative investment. For value investors, bond yields present a significant [...]

Personal Budgeting and Expense Tracking Software

Stock Research Pro announces the release of personal budgeting software for tracking and categorizing your personal expenses, balancing your checkbook, monitoring payment balances to creditors and calculating principal and interest payments on monthly debts. The software also lets you list your expenses by tax status and electronically store critical documents associated with the vendors, retailers [...]

Stock Valuation Software
Calculate Stock Intrinsic Value

Stock Research Pro announces the release of a stock valuation software package that automates the complex calculations associated with determining the intrinsic value of a stock. The package offers three modules for conducting valuation analysis and a scheduling module for tracking personal and financial events.

Product Features

Discounted Cash Flow, which is used to arrive [...]

Receipt Scanning Software:
Track Receipts and Warranties Electronically

Stock Research Pro has developed a Receipt Scanning Software application to track product purchase receipts electronically. The software also offers warranty tracking and management, the ability to reconcile store purchases against credit card statements and a scheduling module to plan for birthdays, holidays and other gift-buying events.

Product Features

Track and manage receipts for proof [...]

Working with Stock Portfolio Software
(includes video)

The Stock Research Pro software application provides an all-encompassing environment for finding and evaluating stocks that
might present a good investment opportunity and then tracking stock purchases for performance.
The stock portfolio module within the software can also be used to create
“What-if” stock investment scenarios so that you may test your strategies
before making any actual investments.

Building Your [...]

Stock Research Pro Stock Tracking Software
(includes video)

Stock Research Pro is a browser-based stock tracking software application that enables you to research and track stocks of interest through a single, all-encompassing interface. The software was designed for both new and experienced stock investors to provide a streamlined process for researching and tracking stocks that might present a good investment opportunity in [...]

Building and Managing a Stock Watchlist (includes video)

The Stock Research Pro stock watchlist capability enables you to select and track twelve stocks from anywhere within the application. For each stock in your list, the software displays the current share price, the share price change from the previous market close and the volume traded in the most recent session. Creating a stock [...]

The Stock Research Pro Guide
to Fundamental Analysis
  • Target companies to invest in
  • Use financial statements to pick winners
  • Identify a strong management team
  • Run financial ratios to confirm strength
  • Find undervalued stocks
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