Personal Budgeting and Expense Tracking Software

By Stock Research Pro • March 13th, 2009

Stock Research Pro announces the release of personal budgeting software for tracking and categorizing your personal expenses, balancing your checkbook, monitoring payment balances to creditors and calculating principal and interest payments on monthly debts. The software also lets you list your expenses by tax status and electronically store critical documents associated with the vendors, retailers and creditors you work with.

Product Features

Easily balance your checkbook

Track expenses by category to “cut the fat” out of your spending

Track tax-deductible expenses

Track your personal debt level and the interest rate associated with each piece of debt

Create “what-if” scenarios in paying down balances on monthly debt payments

Electronically store critical documents such as coupons, contracts, warranties and rebates and associate them with the appropriate vendor or creditor

Track and mange your personal schedule

The Stock Research Pro Budgeting Software is comprised of four modules:

Transactions: In this module you can record and categorize your deposits and expenses and balance your checkbook. Expenses can be categorized by type and tax status. In this module you can also track your expenses by level of necessity so you may clearly define the areas in which you can cut back on spending as part of a comprehensive personal budget plan.

Companies: Within this module you can track the vendors and retailers with which you do business along with any companies with which you are carrying a balance. The module sums the balances owed to these creditors, so that you may know the level of personal debt you are carrying at any given time. There are also fields to electronically store important documents associated with any of these companies, such as coupons, receipts, warranties, and rebates.

Monthly Payment Calculator: This module enables to calculate the allocations of a monthly payment toward principal and interest. Working in this module you can conduct “what-if” scenarios and strategize to pay down these balances.

Scheduler: The software also includes a scheduling module so that you may track for personal and financial events of interest.

The Stock Research Pro Budgeting Software is priced at just $19.99 and is offered on a “try and buy” basis. So please download it and try it out.

Click here to launch the Budget Software introduction video


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