Receipt Scanning Software:
Track Receipts and Warranties Electronically

By Stock Research Pro • March 7th, 2009

Stock Research Pro has developed a Receipt Scanning Software application to track product purchase receipts electronically. The software also offers warranty tracking and management, the ability to reconcile store purchases against credit card statements and a scheduling module to plan for birthdays, holidays and other gift-buying events.

Product Features

Track and manage receipts for proof of purchase, product returns, and tax purposes

Track and manage product waranties and expirations

Maintain records of store purchases to match against credit card statements

Maintain a gift-buying schedule for friends and family

Why It’s Important to Save Your Receipts

Most people try to save their receipts in case they want to return the product for a refund. While it’s true that being able to produce the sales receipt will make a refund go more smoothly (assuming the store has a refund policy), there are other good reasons for holding onto your receipts.

Reconcile Against Credit Card Statements: Too many people are in the habit of not checking that their purchases match up against the credit card statements. Not taking the time to do this leaves you at risk for paying for things you didn’t buy.

To Exercise the Product Warranty: If the product came with any kind of a warranty, there may be information on the receipt that you will need to share with the company representative in order to get the service to which you’re entitled.

Tax Purposes: If you’re going to claim any product purchase as a deduction, you need to have access to your receipts to verify the purchase amount and, in the case of an audit, to prove the purchase.

Tracking receipts for tax purposes

The Stock Research Pro Receipt and Warranty Tracking Software

The Stock Research Pro software was developed, not only to electronically store your receipts and associate them with specific purchases, but also to manage warranty paperwork and expirations and to give you an easy way to reconcile purchases against your credit card statements. The software also offers a “Gift Scheduling” module so you won’t forget to buy gifts for friends and family and for other special events.

The software is priced at just $14.99 and is offered on a “try and buy” basis. So please download it and try it out, risk-free.

Click here to launch the Stock Research Pro Receipt and Warranty Management Software introduction video

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