Building and Managing a Stock Watchlist (includes video)

By Stock Research Pro • February 19th, 2009

The Stock Research Pro stock watchlist capability enables you to select and track twelve stocks from anywhere within the application. For each stock in your list, the software displays the current share price, the share price change from the previous market close and the volume traded in the most recent session. Creating a stock watch list is a great way to stay monitor stocks of interest. Stock Research Pro increases the power of your watchlist by enabling you to easily collect and analyze information on any of your watchlist symbols by simply clicking on that symbol.

About Stock Research Pro

Stock Research Pro is a browser-based software application that provides stock investors with a streamlined process for finding stocks that could present a good investment opportunity, analyzing those stocks through both qualitative (news, ratings, etc) and quantitative (e.g. valuations, moving averages) analysis, and tracking your stock investment portfolio.

While many online trading sites allow you to create a stock watch list, Stock Research Pro provides you with an all-encompassing environment to easily collect the data you need for analysis from the most-trusted financial information sources on the Internet.

Click here to launch the Stock Watchlist Video

The Value of a Stock Watchlist

A stock watchlist is a list of those stocks that may not yet be in your investment portfolio but may provide you with an investment opportunity in the near-term. In working with the Stock Research Pro software, you might choose to track a specific stock price against its “intrinsic value” and acquire that stock at an acceptable margin of safety.

You might also choose to track stocks you that emerged through specific screening criteria, those that have crossed-over moving average thresholds, of any other type of investment approach.


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