Stock Research Pro Stock Tracking Software
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By Stock Research Pro • February 20th, 2009

Stock Research Pro is a browser-based stock tracking software application that enables you to research and track stocks of interest through a single, all-encompassing interface. The software was designed for both new and experienced stock investors to provide a streamlined process for researching and tracking stocks that might present a good investment opportunity in the near term.

Working with Stock Research Pro

We’ve divided the use of the software into logical sections that move you from left to right across the application. In every window, you are offered a customizable watch list for stock tracking and monitoring.

Video: Stock Research Pro Stock Tracking Software

The Ideas Section

The Ideas Section of the software brings you to the best stock screeners available on the Internet today. We’ve even included some pre-defined screens that enable you to filter for specific stocks based on attributes such as growth expectations, yield, and value. The ideas section also includes links to current stock picks from well-respected financial sources.

The Research Section

The Research Section streamlines the data collection process for information regarding the current stock price, the stock charts, company news, investor forums, and analyst ratings. In this section, you will weed out any companies that might have “red flags” that would indicate them as too risky for your portfolio.

The Analyze Section

In the Analyze Section of the application, you can review the moving averages of your stocks of interest and conduct fundamental analysis with the valuation calculators.

The Execute Section

The Execute Section offers links to your online broker and a stock portfolio manager that you might also use to create “what-if” stock investment scenarios. In fact, this approach is often recommended before make any actual trades.

The Additional Resources Section

The main feature of the additional resources section is a powerful events calendar where you can keep your schedule and track financial events of interest.

The Stock Research Pro software is available for a one-time fee of $19.99 and is offered as a trial download.

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